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Mediterranean Fishing  


The Conditions: 

That is; you would tell me (Capt. Haluk) "we want to go fishing" during your stay here or "we're coming there to go fishing" before you arrive here, then we can go fishing with our personal 4 people capacity boat if the weather and sea conditions are available. Since our boat has a total capacity of 4 people, without me (the captain), it only allows 3 other people to carry. 

Safety: The model of our boat is Marintek FishSport455 and has a Honda Marine Motor with 40hp four stroke engine. During the trip, even if the weather and sea conditions suddenly get bad, it is possible to shift with 35 sea miles/h speed to a shore or secure bay. Considering that we will be maximum 5 sea miles away from the shore, it should only take us 10 minutes to return to land in the worst case. Also, there are lifejackets for 4 people and all the other safety equipment that are necessary.

The captain (me again) can give you such hints free of charge:

Where are the best fishing areas?

How to cook and how to eat?

Which fishes appear where and when?

Of course, it would be best to ask us earlier about which fishes are available for catch, so that you can bring the necessary tackle with you if you come here for fishing.



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Oguz Salman


Links to Fishing Videos of Me

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Special conditions:

You should know beforehand that the captain would never interfere with your quarrels with friends that corrupt the general serenity of the atmosphere, such as 'you caught-I caught!', 'you caught so few-so much!','my fish was bigger than yours!', 'who will light whose cigarettes?'. Conversely, he would enjoy that very much and not even try to prevent you from throwing your friend into the sea or your friend throwing you. It would be determined whether to save the fallen guy and allow him to boat again by a referendum where the captain has two votes and all others one.

-Fishers' any attempt to take their catch away will be vigorously prevented. However, if the total amount of catch for the day is enough to feed all the people in here, then you might be permitted to do so.

-If you want to pose with another person's catch, the owner should allow you to do so.

-You already grant us permission to use the videos and photos in our web site, which are recorded during the trip. But we will kindly ask you for your permission anyway.

-Please pay attention to leave at least one pair of each kind in the sea before return (i.e. don't catch all of them!).

-The general and special conditions can change any time, new conditions can be added, some of them can be removed and your ideas are always welcome.

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Mediterranean Fishes


  We recommend:  If you want to fishing around this time please take together your fishing tackle for natural baits. Especially for Mercan.

If not we can supply some materials for you with some cost.

Fishing Depth is 40 - 300m. 



Beş adalar










Flying Fish observations...

You will be suprised about this extraordinary creatures fish or bird...

A different experience..!                             Really amazing..!

PS: The time of booking, please specify that you want to come for observation.






Gelidonia Lighthouse and Five Islands











Zargana Azmanı  Zargana Azmanı






Latest Catch







Dangerous: (Lagocephalus sceleratus).

Poisonous to eat..! , Masuda, H., K. Amaoka, C. Araga, T. Uyeno and T. Yoshino. 1984




Interesting things during fishing:




Some Informations About This Area:



The hall consists of three sections. Just inside the entry, finds from the Cape Gelidonya ((the) late 13th century BC) and Şeytan Deresi (the16th Century B.C) shipwrecks are exhibited.

On the left side of this room are artefacts gathered by the first scientific shipwreck excavation in the world, at Cape Gelidonya. The site of the wreck was shown to the archaologists by Captain Kemal Aras, a Bodrum sponge boat owner. The shipwreck was excavated in 1960 under the direction of George F.Bass.

This was a Syrian merchant's trading vessel. The artefacts excavated from the wreck shed light on the international relations of the period.

With the copper ingots loaded in Cyprus, the vessel sank at Beşadalar (Five Islands), opposite Cape Gelidonya between Finike and Antalya.
Captain's Log Book;

"From Syria, we started our voyage through the eastern Mediterranean in my 13-14 metre long vessel. We stopped at Cyprus to get approximately one ton of metal cargo. Copper ingots shaped like dried ox-hides were wrapped in mats and carefully loaded on board. We put bronze tools and scrap metal in baskets with shrubs and branches beneath to protect our hull. Now, five of the crew are sitting at the stern, with an oil lamp for light. I am on deck getting myself ready for trading at one of the harbors we will approach in a couple of hours. Tied to my wrist is a cylindrical stone seal from my father that I use for formal stamps. Perhaps my son will one day use this seal. My sailors carry scarabs for good luck. They play at knuckle bones in spare moments during this long voyage. Whetstones are used to sharpen the tools which will be offered for sale.

By following the land, we are heading for Cape Gelidonya on the Anatolian shore, watching the west current and the wind. In a few hours we will reach Phoenikus (Finike) and get some drinking water. We have to pass first through Beş Adalar (Five Islands), which is a very dangerous place for sailors."

As the ship passed between the two islands nearest the to mainland, due to the strong current it hit the pinnacle of rock that nears the surface of the sea. The vessel sant to a depth of 26-28 metres, and Cape Gelidonya became the grave of one more vessel.

The large jars (pithoi) and amphoras on the right side of the first room were shown to the Institute of Nautical Archaeology (I.N.A) by sponge diver Cumhur İlik. The wreck was excavated in 1975 by the I.N.A. team of Prof. Dr. George F. Bass, who dates the pottery to the 16 th century BC.

Any question about fishing? Ask by mail please.



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